Katherine's Cafe | Enjoy FREE Delivery Service on Makati and QC Areas

We've been staying at home since the start of the lockdown and I admit that I missed dining into our favorite restaurants mostly. Who wouldn't? But hey, thanks to all the delivery services that make everything possible. We can still enjoy our well-loved dishes even if we are in the comfort of our own home and one of them is Katherine's Cafe.

I was curious about Katherine's Cafe when I saw their branch in Ayala Malls Manila Bay months before the lockdown. I saw their cozy and ig-worthy restaurant that captured my attention. Fast-forward today, I got a chance to try their homestyle dish and cake via their delivery service which is, by the way, FREE in Makati and Quezon City areas.

Katherine's Cafe offers comfort food with a twist. This brand is behind Culinario Group, Inc. who "creates restaurants concept that is not only new to the tastebuds but also heightens overall dining experience with superb service and aesthetic interiors."

Vigan and Salted Egg Pasta Platter
This is definitely a must-try. I am a huge Vigan longganisa fan (among all the longganisa flavors in the country) so expect a garlicky taste. The salted egg also made an interesting flavor on the palate. Overall, a perfect combination in which, at first, I thought would make the whole dish too salty. But no, everything is just balanced on the taste buds. By the way, the whole platter is good for 6 hungry bellies.

Ube White Chocolate Cake
Huge ube fan? Check out this interesting flavor. This cake is so pretty like the one you see in a magazine! Imagine the white chocolate, similar to Hershey's, that melts in your mouth. If there is someone in the family celebrating a birthday, I'm sure he/she will love this, too.

Katherine's Cafe branches in Vertis North and Glorietta are now open to serve you better with their strict dine-in safety protocols. But if you prefer dining in at home, like I mentioned above, they are offering their free delivery service in Makati and QC areas this month with a minimum purchase order purchase of P1,000. You may contact these numbers: 8-240-5115 (Makati) and 7-946-6133  (QC) or via their social media channels: www.facebook.com/katherinescafeph and www.instagram.com/katherines_cafe for any order or inquiry.

Always remember to be safe always.

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