Food Tray 2 Go | Your On-Stop-Shop For Your Food Cravings

This pandemic won't stop us from intimate family gatherings at home. The usual celebrations became more private as we must stay at home as much as we can. Don't fret because everything can be ordered online like quality party food from Food Tray 2 Go.

Food Tray 2 Go is your one-stop-shop that offers food trays and packed meals, perfect for any occasion or gathering you want to celebrate. They have a wide range of dishes to choose from which depends on your cravings or diet. What's good about them is that you can even request for off-menu dishes that suit your taste.

Established around August 2018, Food Tray 2 Go is created with a strong passion for cooking and good food. The owner, alongside her grandma, developed the recipes and eventually shared them with friends and relatives so everyone could also taste the flavors she grew up with. After receiving a lot of good feedback, she was inspired to create an Instagram page (which has 60K+ followers as of this writing) to showcase all the flavors and sell it to more people.

This brand has a lot of dishes to offer including beef, chicken, pork, fish, seafood, vegetables, pasta, noodles, and dessert. Here are the bestsellers I tried from them:

Beef Salpicao
This is the top favorite among all the dishes I had. The meat was so tender! As in super tender even if they are cut in chunks. The flavors of the sauce mixed with the meat evenly, creating juicy taste in every bite. The garlic bits enhanced the flavor as well.

Baked Fish Fillet
What's special about this dish? It has bacon bits on top! This dish was very creamy and the fish taste didn't have a foul smell (which sometimes happened to fish). We reheated it in the oven for a few minutes for a much better taste.

Baked Cheesy Garlic Prawns
Well, if you are a seafood lover, specifically shrimp, you gonna love this too. The shrimps were very cheesyyyy so expect to have a sated taste after eating a lot. Though cheesy, good thing, they were not salty.

Lemon Chicken

I've been to a lot of Chinese restos and I must say that their version is very close to that. The lemon zest wasn't too tangy but rather mixed of sweet with a kicked of lemon.

Special Mixed Vegetables
Another favorite. The mixed veggies were half-cooked so they were a little crispy and freshly prepared. I liked it actually.

Buko Pandan
To balance off the taste of all the dishes, buko pandan was here to the rescue. The taste wasn't sweet bit it lacked more of the milk. I think the jelly absorbed all of them.

All of these are half trays and can be served to up to five people. They also have full trays which can be consumed by 10 people. You may order through Food Tray 2 Go's Instagram or Facebook page or you may contact: 09177026395. Their operating hours are between 9:00am to 6:00pm. They are located in San Juan City.

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