Yaki Kai Fusion Buffet | Another Unlimited Korean-Japanese Restaurant in Tomas Morato

If you are constantly checking out new restaurants in the Metro, you won't miss Yaki Kai Fusion Buffet located at Scout Lazcano in Tomas Morato. This newly opened restaurant offers Japanese-Korean cuisines that are perfect for those who like to eat both dishes. The good thing about this, everything is unlimited meaning, the sky's the limit.

Yaki Kai Fusion Buffet's restaurant is very homey since it's an old renovated house. They have four partitions inside which is big enough to accommodate a large number of diners. The outside space is for those who like staying in the alfresco area while the two spaces inside are for those who like to be near the buffet which is, for me, the perfect spot. The second floor is also good but you'll have a hard time going up and down just to get the food in the station.

Yaki Kai Fusion Buffet opened in the first week of December 2019. Part of the opening promo, they offer discount prices for all their customers until the end of January 2020. There are three kinds of sets depending on your cravings:

Master Set (P399 P299)
This includes chicken teriyaki, spicy chicken yakiniku, samgyupsal, spicy samgyupsal, galbi sauce pork, peppered pork shoulder loin.

Premium Set (P499 P339)
This includes all in the master set, sliced beef, beef tare yakiniku, spicy beef, and shrimp.

Emperor Set (P699 P599)
This includes all in the premium set, beef steak, jjampong nabe, salmon sashimi, and ebi tempura.

Did I mention that all the sets also come with buffet food too? Yes, you read it right. You will be enjoying sushi, bbq, salads, pasta, and a lot more aside from the grilling ones. As for our experience, we had the Emperor set as we'd like to try everything. Imagine paying an amount that you'll get a lot especially that this set has beef steak, salmon sashimi, and tempura. I must say that this is so "sulit" if you really are a hardcore eater. I totally enjoyed everything especially the unmarinated meats with free unlimited cheese dip! Unfortunately, I'm not really a fan of marinated meats so I ditched some on the menu.

When we were there, the place was jampacked with guests and almost all the seats were occupied. I noticed that despite the volume of people, the buffet area was easily refilled, servers were attentive, and everything was still organized. Do you I'll be back even if there's no promo? That's for sure!

Yaki Kai Fusion Buffet
122 Scout Dr. Lazcano St., Sacred Heart, Quezon City
Operating Hours: Mon to Sun (4pm-2am)

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