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It's pretty obvious that we really into milk tea up until these days even though the trend started to boom a few years ago. Just like the area of Banawe where we can locate milk tea shops in almost every corner of the street. Seriously, the place is slowly turning like Taiwan - the milk tea capital of the world. And guess what? This is really happening because "milk tea is life".

Located in a hidden alley in Banawe, Super Me Drink is one of the latest milk tea shops that opened up its first-ever pop-up store in the area. The brand is originally conceptualized in Macao but decided to cater to the Philippine market first because of the wide demand in here.

When I visited the store, they were on its soft opening thus the interior wasn't fully finished yet. The whole space can accommodate up to 20 dining-in customers. Red, black, and white are the color palettes used, mixed with some gold accents of the chairs. For a milk tea shop, the ambiance is very comfortable and cozy.

The unique selling proposition of Super Me Drink is the cute packaging of their drinks. Actually, it was one of the first things that I noticed on this brand. I haven't seen any milk tea shop yet that is offering a little different type of packaging. So, Super Me Drink is some kinda unique over other shops that I've been to.

Super Me Drink has currently six different types of series:

Egg Baby Series (P160)
Super cute packaging in the form of a cracked egg! They have two flavors: Milk Green Boba Ice and Milk Tea Boba Ice. This little thing is actually 500ml in size. I tried the Milk Tea Boba Ice and liked it since the taste wasn't too sweet.

Super Series (P140-P165)
Super Series is like their version of frappe with whipped cream on top. They have six flavors but I only tried one which was the Super Japanese Fried Tea. Among all, this was my least favorite as I found the taste not too appealing or weird because of the bland tea taste and sweet coconut bits on top.

Pop Can Series (P130-P180)
I can't help but love the packaging of this series. The cans are so cool like soda placed in a clear bottle. I tried the Mixed Fruit Soda and kinda liked it, in terms of taste and packaging. Other drinks to try for the series are Pop Can Mint Mojito and Pop Can Pearl Milk Green.

Fruit Tea Series (P140-P180)
If you are too tired of the milk tea gaming, then you should shift to fruit tea series. The packaging of this one is also unique like a mini container. I had the Fresh Lemon Iced Black Tea which I found the taste refreshingly good.

Cloud Series (P180)
This is the line of whipped cream flavored drinks. The Cloud Cake Pearl Milk Tea caught my interest.  because I personally love cream cheese on my milk tea. Next time, I'm gonna try the Chocolate Mousse Cloud which is also interesting.

Coffee Series (P110-P130)
For coffee lovers, these flavors are for you: lemon coffee, caffe latte, and super coffee.

All the drinks are available in one size only and come with different types of sinkers like pearls and others that I forgot to ask what. On the menu, I didn't notice any add-ons though. You can also adjust the level of sweetness depends on your preferences. I liked this new brand despite the tight milk tea competitions we have. Still, trying out new things is fun and worth the effort!

Super Me Drink
18 Igdalig St., Banawe, Quezon City
Operating Hours: Mon to Sun (11am-12mn)

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