SamgyupKing | Unlimited Samgyupsal with Skewers + Milk Tea

We can't really count how many Korean bbq places are opening up almost every day. The thing is, how can one be different from another? They should have this unique selling proposition in order to be noticed and survived the tight competition. One samgyupsal place that I visited just recently was named Samgyupking that offers the usual unlimited Korean BBQ with additional unlimited skewers! Yes, you read it right. Those dishes are the highlights of their menu.

Started in Maginhawa and E. Rodriguez branches, Samgyupking at Fishermall is their first indoor restaurant with almost 140 seating capacity. Imagine the big space perfect for large number of diners without the hassle of eating in a tight space. Also, their interior design matches the Korean vibe.

For only P499, a diner can fully enjoy all things unlimited.

It includes beef bulgogi, pork bulgogi, spicy pork bulgogi, chicken bulgogi, spicy chicken bulgogi, salt & pepper beef, and salt & pepper pork.

Chicken Wings & Mojos
It includes buffalo wings, soy garlic plain chicken wings with gravy, and potato mojos.

It includes isaw, sweet longganisa, garlic longganisa, sausage bbq, pig ears, pork bbq, chicken bbq, corn cob, pork big intestines, gizzard bbq, meatloaf bbq, and chicken wings bbq.

Side Dishes
They offer kimchi, egg roll, pickled radish & carrots, and potato marblers.

Aside from the dishes I've mentioned above, the price also includes FREE one serving of milk tea (I loved the Thai), unlimited rice, ramen, and lettuce. I've always been a fan of unmarinated meats but this time, Samgyupking's marinated options passed my preferences. I would have chosen the plain ones but they don't have cheese here which is kinda unusual. So, those plain ones tasted too bland for me though they offer other types of sauces. But if you are a fan of skewers, you would definitely enjoy them here. I liked the pork bbq among all, next was the isaw. For the side dishes, what I've mostly enjoyed was the crispy mojos, wings, and free milk tea! Yey!

Samgyupking uses charcoal for grilling. They also have this automatic barbecue skewers for evenly cooking. I just noticed that the samgyupsal griller was too slow to cook, though. But overall, I liked the experience and still, I'm hoping that they add cheese, please!

4F, Fisher Mall, Del Monte, Quezon City
Operating Hours: Mon to Sun (11am-9pm)

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