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Philippines is one of the countries that greatly influenced by Chinese since the 19th century. Some of the popular Chinese dishes became staple food by many, mostly available in pansiterias. In 1936, Mr. Lido, a Cantonese Chef established an eatery called Pansiteria Lido that serves classic Chinese favorites like pugon roasted asado, lomi, pansit, and more. Now, Pansiteria Lido became widely known as Lido Cocina Tsina.

If you'll notice, Lido is always a stand-alone restaurant, away from busy mall areas. I think the reason is that they wanted to retain their branding and be available in residential areas rather than commercial ones. We visited one located in New Manila, Quezon City.

You won't get lost in the area because they can be easily located along the highway. There's an ample parking slot for dining-in customers. The whole restaurant is big enough to hold a large number of guests and can also provide a venue for private parties such as birthdays, meetings, or any celebrations.

Lido has a wide selection of main dishes. They serve breakfast starting from 7 in the morning up to late dinner at 10 in the evening. We tried some of their popular and best sellers:

Lido's Siphon Brewed Coffee
For all the coffee lovers, you will definitely try this 100-year old brewing method of Lido. The aroma and flavor of coffee are so rich and satisfying. This is available starting at 7:00 in the morning, great for morning people.

Bilao Feast A (P2,199)
This is a combination of Lido's favorites: Pancit Guisado, Drunken Lechon Macau, Manchurian Wings, Lumpiang Shanghai, and Crispy Dumplings. Take note that this is only available for take-out or delivery just like the other bilao feast sets.

Shrimp Foo-yong (P405)
This was actually my first time to try this dish and I definitely loved it! This is a classic dish that is also known as Chinese Omelet made up of shrimp, mushroom, bean sprouts, and other spices.

Beef Brisket Mami (P125)
A classic favorite! If you want something to satisfy your hungry tummy, go and try this one. The taste, for me, is comforting, perfect on cold weather. It is made up of tender beef and egg noodles.

Lido Congee Mucho (P225)
I didn't expect that I would love this dish. It is actually simple rice porridge with lots of toppings like century egg and roasted pork. The taste was smoky because of the pork pieces.

Spareribs in Salt and Pepper (P285)
Crispy pork spareribs you can't resist! The flavor is just right, perfect with rice.

Macau Rice (P220)
This is an egg fried rice topped with combined meat and seafood cooked in macau sauce. This is a solo meal but also good for sharing.

Chunky Pork Siomai (P110)
You can't leave a Chinese restaurant without siomai. Their version is very chunky and meaty without a flour-y taste.

Mango Jelly Cooler (P110)
We usually find mango sago in a restaurant but this one's almost the same except that they use jelly instead of sago, good to cleanse off your palette.

Chinese food is one of the well-loved dishes here in the Philippines because they are now part of our culture. Lido Cocina Tsina is here to serve us their best-selling century-old recipes. You can either dine-in in any of their 16 Metro Manila branches or call for delivery via 888-LIDO.

Lido Cocina Tsina (New Manila)
1014-1020, E Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, New Manila, Quezon City
Operating Hours: Mon to Sun (7am-10pm)

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