Manila Chocolatier | Now Finds a Home at Kultura

A few months ago, I've been to the Malagos Chocolate Museum in Davao City to see the very first chocolate museum in the country. I've learned that these chocolates are considered to be world-class, garnering international recognition here and abroad. As a Filipino, I feel so proud knowing that we are known for having the best chocolate sources which slowly become part of our culture.

Manila Chocolatier, one of the famous chocolate brands, uses cocoa beans sourced from select farms in the Davao region. Creator of Manila Chocolatier's Raul Matias love for the Philippines created the product line after Manila, as a tribute to "what was, what is, and what will always be one of the most beautiful cities in the world: the melting pot of the country's diverse culture, language, and flavors." 

Manila Chocolatier's authentic flavors bring a sweet journey to our palette. Now that it finds a home at Kultura, the taste of these flavors is readily available to indulge with.

Have a sweet journey with Manila Chocolatier's mouthwatering Chocolate Pralines that give you a delicate sublime flavor of the Philippine Islands in smooth and dreamy chocolate pieces. The world-class authentic chocolate is mixed with known flavors like Leche Flan, Bukayo, Patnotsa Caramel, Mango, Banana Cue, Muscavado Nougat, Salabat, Pili Nut, Lambanog, Buko Pandan, and Jasmine Tea. For White Chocolate lovers, this brand also has delectable choices such as Calamansi and Ube, Mango Milk, and Dark Chocolate Bars in Pili Nut, Barako Coffee, and Coconut flavors.

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