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Our culture loves the idea of eating together especially in our home with family. In fact, it gives an impact on our social skills to strengthen our ties and build good relationships. And this idea of spending time with family or friends over food is the concept of the newest food avenue in SM Megamall, the Eatogether Food Hall.

The space of Eatogether Food Hall can cover up to 200 persons. What I loved about this place is that every corner is totally Instagram-worthy. Strike your favorite pose because you'll definitely love the vibe in here as much as I do. The tables and chairs are well-arranged and designed especially for group of people.

Brought to us by Viking's Food Group, Eatogether Food Hall is all-in-one-place that offers cuisines depends on your appetite. They have Italian, Singaporean, Filipino, Japanese, and a lot more so you can choose from these wide varieties of food options. It's like a food park inside a mall with an upscale version of choices.

The food stalls that make up Eatogether are the following:

Hawker Lane
This stall is inspired by Singapore's famous hawker place where local dishes across Asian countries and abroad are being served. If you are craving those dishes, no need to travel far because you can found them at Eatogether Food Hall. Have a local taste of Braised Beef Brisket or Sweet and Sour Pork with Peach. Don't forget to pair it noodles or Yang Chow Fried Rice for best food experience.

Budae Jigae Army Pot
Want something Korean? Budae Jigae Army Pot has something for your cravings. They serve the usual Bibimbap, Galbi Jjim (Beef Stew) and Kimchi Rice. Don't forget to order the Budae Jigae, a po[ular Korean hot pot dish loaded with different toppings like kimchi, spam, sausages, and ramen noodles.

L' Italiano
L' Italiano means Little Italy. This is your destination at Eatogether Food Hall if you are craving for some Italian dishes. They serve mostly pizza and pasta with lots of choices. They have pretty huge serving and the price is very affordable, too. We ordered the Pasticciati, but for me, it was a little dry. I'm still willing to be back and try other dishes like the carbonara and Quattro Formaggio.

Tong Yang Shabu Shabu Express
I haven't tried Tong Yang though I've seen a lot of branches from different places. When I went to Eatogether Food Hall, I tried their shabu-shabu which I handpicked the ingredients. The price would depend on how much the toppings weighed. It's basically 1 peso per gram. You can also choose different types of noodles and soup base. For me, the price was worth it if you are going to choose what you want rather than ordering the preselected item on the menu.

Nord's Bread Hub
One of the prettiest and largest stalls inside the food hall. Nord's Bread Hub is an upscale bakery that serves more than just bread. They also offer dishes like salads, sandwiches, all-day breakfast, meat dishes, and a lot more. Hopefully, I would them when I get back to Eatogether. I'm so curious about their wide selection of food in the menu.

Bag of Seafood
One of my favorite stalls here. Guess why. Seafoood! Bag of Seafood offers seafood choices placed in bags. Their best sellers are Cajun Seafood in a Bag and Cajun Shrimp in a Bag which is good for sharing up to 2-3 persons. Aside from bag of seafood, they also have soup dishes like chowder and sinigang.

Frituen Batsoy
We got a recommendation to try their Chicharong Bulaklak and it was the bomb! For only P158, you'll get a whole plate of this which is crispy and sinful, perfect for the vinegar on the side. It's affordable actually. From the name itself, they offer Batsoy Supreme, a classic Ilonggo soup dish made up of pork offal, crushed pork cracklings, chicken stock, beef loin and round noodles.

Just Steak a Minute
For sizzling and grilled dishes, Just Steak a Minute is your go to stall at Eatogether. We supposed to try their Asian Steak Chuck Eye Roll but it wasn't available during the time of our visit. I think there's a reason to be back.

D' Letchoneros
No need to have an occasion just to indulge with classic lechon because D' Lechoneros has meals for every craving. Aside from lechon, they also have quarter roast chicken, chicken sisig, lechon humba, to name a few. Their prices are relatively cheap like 1kg of lechon cost around P800 only.

Mien Bao
For dumplings and noodles, Mien Bao serves Asian dishes. We tried the Malaysian Prawn Laksa Noodle for P248 and it was savory rich. The serving size has the generous amount of toppings and noodles and we even shared it together. Sadly, Pan Fried Meat and Sea Urchin wasn't available that everyone of us were eager to try.

Secret Kitchen
Huge and thick-cut chicken fillet is becoming a hit here in the Philippines. This originated in Taiwan and well-loved by Filipinos. Secret Kitchen's chicken has a lot of flavors to choose from like The King, Hot Chick, Taiker and the crowd's fave, the Chee-z. They also have combo meals which includes chicken, one side, and an iced tea.

Yatai Yakitori Ramen
Affordable ramen here at Yatai Yakitori Ramen. They have flavors like Shoyu, Miso, Tantanmen, Seafood, Tonkatsu, and a lot more. They also offer grilled favorites like chicken, chicken skin, and chicken butt.

Eatogether Food Hall is also unique for having a fully cashless transaction. You may avail of their Vikings Reward Card with an initial load of P300 that you can use on all the food stalls. Just tap it on the pre-installed machine and your food is ready to go! Aside from it, they also accept credit and debit cards for payment.

We tried the cashless system in almost all the food stalls and we had a feast. We had different types of cuisines to try everything. I'd like to commend that we didn't encounter any hassle upon ordering. How I wish all of the restaurants offer this kind of thing for a much smoother transactions to customers.

All of the food we ordered cost around P1,500 which I must say, affordable, considering that we are inside a mall in which price of food are always expensive. We shared all of what we had and still didn't consume them. I must say that Eatogether is ideally for everyone who loves sharing and dining in together for the love of food.

Eatogether Food Hall
SM Megamall, 2nd Floor Bldg A, Mandaluyong City
Operating Hours: Mon to Sun (10am-10pm)

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