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Sisig has been part of our culinary history in which originated in Pampanga way back 17th century. Now, there are various restaurants that offer this dish with different take-ups like versions with egg or mayonnaise. Therefore, King Sisig, one of the famous food chains in the country, offers sisig dishes with unique choices to meet their customers' craving for this well-loved dish.

With 26 stores across Metro Manila, Calabarzon, and Central Luzon, King Sisig has different varieties of sisig like Krunchy Pork, Lechon, Chicken, Bangus, and Pork Bbq. They're also famous for their anghang meter where customer can choose the level of spiciness to their sisig meals from mild, medium, hot, extra hot, to superhot. The option for unlimited rice is currently on their menu for an additional price.

The branch that I've visited of King Sisig is in Ever Gotesco, Commonwealth. This restaurant badly needs renovation in terms of lighting, paint, and furniture. The interior design looks like an old restaurant from the 90s. Hopefully, they would improve on this one as well as the overall cleanliness of the whole establishment.

Back to the dishes, I tried the following:

Krunchy Pork Sisig Sizzling Meal (P109 w/ egg & rice, P125/ unli rice)
This is how I want in my sisig - crunchy and flavorful up to the last bite! This dish belongs to their top-selling item with ingredients of pork, chichapork, onions, chili, and special sisig sauce. I tried this with different spice levels and I must say that the superhot was indeed hot. I couldn't eat it, to be honest! But if you are adventurous, you might be interested to give it a try.

Lechon Sisig (P150 w/ egg & rice, P165/ unli rice)
Instead of using the usual pork, they used lechon's meat for this one. It was actually flavorful but it lacked the lechon's crunchy skin. This one also has sweet liver sauce, a way different from the other sisig varieties.

Royal Tebasaki Fried Chicken (P139/ 2pcs w/ rice, P155/ unli rice)
It's kinda weird that they included a chicken dish on their line of the food. Actually, it wasn't that bad after all and I think children would like its taste as it's juicy and has soy-mirin sesame glaze.

Coffee Jelly (P39)
To balance the taste of every sisig dish, they offer this dish on the menu. It's actually just simple coffee-flavored jelly with cream. Nothing so much special.

House Blend Tea Drinks (P45/ regular, P55/large, P120/ pitcher)
To compliment your meals, quench your thirst with Hibiscus Red Tea, Kiwi Green Tea, and Four Seasons Tea. I hardly tasted the tea but still passed my expectations for its price.

For its price, King Sisig is value for money. If you are into "petsa de peligro" days, you can still survive with their meals, especially that they offer unlimited rice. No more hungry days!

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