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Being a vegetarian is becoming a trend nowadays. Some of the reasons why people are interested in practicing it include health, religion, environmentalism, and sometimes just their own ethics as factors. Here in the Philippines, there are several restaurants that offer vegetarian-friendly dishes but little did I know that Shakey's also has their own take for this type of diet.

Two of Shakey's offerings include Hickory Pops and Cheesy Chik'n Pizza. You'll hardly notice that these two dishes are made for vegetarians because Shakey's uses Quorn as a substitute for meat. Just so you know, Quorn is basically made up of Mycroprotein, a naturally healthy green protein that is high in fiber, low in saturated fat and calories, has zero cholesterol, and soy-free.

Hickory Pops
Bite-size Quorn nuggets perfect before starting off a meal. It's crunchy and tastes like real meat. I liked how they made this as an option for the unhealthy nuggets with exactly the same taste.

Cheesy Chick'n
I so love this pizza variant! This was my first time to try this flavor which is made up of meat-free Quorn chunks, onions, bell peppers, Cheddar cheese, and topped with cheese sauce. The taste for me was very cheesy with the perfect combination of all the ingredients.

If you are turning to be a vegetarian, you have so many options to choose from just like the two of these dishes from Shakey's. It's guilt-free, healthy, and not to mention that they are both savory despite being meatless.


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