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We all know that San Juan is more than just Greenhills, the shopping district, but also the place for great restaurants finds. I've been to San Juan several times and even tried some of the surrounding must-eat places there but little didn't I know that there's one that I  would like to recommend to many - the Araullo Gastropub.

Gastropub means a bar that serves quality food. In Araullo Gastropub, they aim to give the best restaurant experience that leaves the plates empty and stomachs full. They are situated in a secluded and off-beaten path of the residential area in Addition Hills. Usually, their target markets are family and friends who want to experience sophistication and comfort while indulging good quality dishes.

The restaurant from the outside is very simple, with only a few parking spaces available. Don't be deceived because once you enter inside, a large industrial type interior design is their main theme. The wall is also made-up of a big graffiti wall that makes them look very artistic. Overall, you will have a full gastropub experience.

If case you are interested, Araullo Gastropub also has a function room good for parties and social gatherings for a large number of diners. I forgot to ask the rate but I heard that it's actually consumable.

Their menu is varied from local to international dishes. During our visit, we tried some of their new items plus their best sellers:

Mackarel Ceviche (P300)
Ceviche is a seafood dish made from fresh ingredients. Araullo's version has calamansi vin, dragonfruit, and salted egg. The mackerel was thinly sliced that I hardly tasted that it was raw. The presentation was very pretty, too.

Crispy Shortribs (P675)
The ribs were indeed crispy and flavorful and the veggies on top matched the taste of the dish. But I think, it's too pricey for its serving.

Tenderloin (P850)
Peppercorn was very prominent on the taste of the sauce which every one of us liked it so much. It was a bit spicy but aromatic and too perfect for the tenderloin. This one comes with french beans and sauteed mushrooms.

Baby Squid (P365)
The taste was savory but the meat of the squid was too chewy.

Bacon (P90/Stick)
Thick-cut pork slice with a smokey taste. I still prefer a thinly slice one, though.

Ribeye Steak (P1,500 Solo | P2,500 Full)
Succulently juicy meat oozing with the flavorful taste of the meat. I'd like to praise this dish as they created a perfect steak for my preference. I couldn't really describe how it was so good but please, appreciate how it looks in the photo. Perfect, right?

Chicken and Pancakes (P385)
I'd like to praise how fluffy these pancakes were! It's actually like "puto" which is very soft and the flavor of ube is there. However, I didn't like the chicken on the side. It wasn't too impressive unlike those pancakes.

Ube Mont Blac (P200)
Another good dessert but the amount of halaya on top was too overwhelming. I liked the hard crust at the bottom, though everyone didn't prefer it.

I had the avocado shake but unfortunately, it wasn't impressive. It tasted like a cardboard haha! If you opt to go for something healthy, they also have Kombucha drinks here.

If my photos didn't make you drool, I don't know what would. Araullo Gastropub is so worth to visit if you like to have good full-blown meals. Don't forget to order their steak among others. Overall, I liked my experience here - sophistication indeed meets comfort. Even if you are dining in with family and friends, I'm sure you will enjoy everything they offer.

Araullo Gastropub
83 Araullo Street, Addition Hills, San Juan City
Operating Hours: Mon (closed) | Tues to Sun (11am-2pm, 6pm-10:30pm)
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