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Milk tea craze in this country is really crazy. You can see milk tea shops almost everywhere you go because of our high demand for this drink. Even if we go to other Asian countries, milk tea is one of our top drinks. Crazy, isn’t it? That is why it’s becoming harder for me to put up reviews coz I think all of them are the same. This time, let me share with you why Black Sugar Tea is kinda different from the mainstream milk tea market.

Black Sugar Tea is located in Asia Town Park West Mckinley Taguig. When I and my foodie friend happened to be in BGC, we decided to check this out since we were near the area. Hence, visiting them was worthy of our time.

When we talk about being pretty, Black Sugar tea is one of Instagram-worthy milk tea places that I’ve been too. The colors are very eye-catchy; light pink, gray, and teal. I couldn’t help but fall in love with how everything is placed. This is a perfect place to relax and unwind alone or with friends.

Black Sugar Tea’s menu is very extensive ranging not just from milk tea but also a snack. Since we were not really hungry, we just decided to try one of their drinks per series.

Fresh Fruit Shake (Price starts at P120)
Flavors: Lychee Cucumber Macchiato, Crystal Grapes Salty Cream, Mango Graham Shake, Dirty Strawberry Macchiato, Dirty Mango Macchiato, Classic Red Bean Smoothie

Fruits Bubble Soda (Price starts at P120)
Flavors: Luscious Pineapple Bubble Soda, Blue Sky Bubble Soda, Strawberry Mojito, Apple Mojito, Pineapple Mojito

Charcoal Series (Price starts at P120)
Flavors: Black Dew Charcoal Macchiato, Black Frost Charcoal Cream, Matcha Charcoal Cream, Cream Cheese Choco Charcoal

Milk Tea Series (Price starts at P100)
Flavors: Black Tea Macchiato, Oreo Milk Tea Brulee, Layered Black Tea Macchiato, Layered Matcha Macchiato, Jasmine Salty Cheese Cream, Grass Jelly Milk Tea, Triple Delight Milk Tea, Boba Milk Tea

Black Sugar Series (Price starts at P120)
Flavors: Black Sugar Boba Milk, Black Sugar Boba Cream, Black Sugar Healthy Grain, Black Sugar Matcha, Black Sugar Peanut Cream, Black Sugar Sesame Creme, Black Sugar Tea Latte, Black Sugar Choco Dirty Milk

Lava Drinks (Price starts at P80)
Flavors: Black Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Black Sugar Lava Milk, Black Sugar Choco Dirty Milk, Black Frost Milk Tea, Matcha Milk

Fruit Tea (Price starts at P100)
Flavors: Signature Fruit Tea, Ultimate Lemon Tea, Tropical Passion Fruit Tea, Jade Kiwi Crystals, Hey Lemon, Hey Pineapple, Strawberry Love, Black Sugar Apple Delight

See, they have so many flavors in their series of drinks. I just tried some of them but the most remarkable flavor for me was Black Sugar Boba Milk and Oreo Milk Tea Brulee. The sweetness was just right since I adjusted the sugar level. The best thing about Black Sugar Tea was their boba pearls which were too soft and chewy! One scoop wasn’t enough for me. If you love exploring other drinks, I’d also highly recommend the one in Charcoal Series which is the Cream Cheese Choco Charcoal. It was interesting and the flavor was good if you like something with a new taste.

Cute take-out box
Hopefully, they would open new branches for me to come and try their offerings once in a while. Traveling to Mckinley from QC isn’t a joke and Black Sugar Tea is really worth the dayo.

Black Sugar Tea
AsiaTown, West Campus, Mckinley West, Taguig City
Operating Hours: Mon to Fri (11am-12mn) | Sat to Sun (11am-10pm)

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