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Shared workspace or co-working space is both beneficial and cost-effective when you are into a freelancing job. Some people choose to stay in a shared space rather than putting their own office since it is practical in terms of rental and maintenance. Another benefit of staying in a coworking environment is that you have all the things you need in an office like unlimited wifi, photocopy machines, and comfortable seats.

One coworking space that I’ve visited recently was Discovery Coworking + Cafe in Katipunan area. Their main customers are mostly students from surrounding Universities, freelancers, and start-up companies who want to work freely away from their home or noisy coffee shops.

Discovery Coworking + Cafe has a modern and interior design that is too inviting to every guest. Inside the area, you can find comfy couches and chairs, big tables for sharing, and even their air conditioner is quite cozy for ventilation. They also have four big private rooms made especially for conferences and meetings.

The benefits of being a member here in Discovery Coworking + Cafe are unlimited coffee, tea, and water refills, free wifi (which is super fast), mail collection, discounts on their events, and all the office perks like printing, photocopy, and scanning services.

Aside from the benefits I’ve mentioned above, one thing that I like about them is that they also have their own cafe in which you can easily grab your snack or meal whenever you get hungry while working. They offer dishes like soup, pasta, mains, and even breakfast meals. For snacks, they have flatbreads, desserts, and imported drinks.

Pork Nuggets with Mushroom Gravy (P150)
At first, I thought it was chicken but inside the crispy coating is tender pork. It is best paired with their homemade gravy.

Chicken Schnitzel (P180)
This looks like nuggets or katsu but the taste was so good with the sauce. The only thing that I noticed was the veggies on the side were kinda bland that they should’ve cooked them with butter.

Garlic Yakiniku Beef Tapa (P225)
A bit salty for me but best with rice. I’d like to commend the tenderness of the meat.

Flatbreads (Price starts at P175)
These are like pizza with different toppings. They offered flavors like Chili Cheese Dog, Cheese Steak and Onions, Pepperoni, and Quattro Formaggio. Among all, the latter was our favorite. How I wish they made the crust a little thinner instead.

Drinks (Price starts at P25)
Here in Discovery Coworking + Cafe, aside from unlimited coffee, they also offered other drinks and we tried those imported ones. We had Royal Apple with three flavors such as apple, apple + pear, and apple + chokeberry and also Strawberry Water. Both of them are not expensive though they are made in Poland.

To ease their guest's boredom, Discovery Coworking + Cafe also has open mic night that is happening every Friday. This is open to all, by the way.

Discovery Coworking + Cafe is a perfect office place with everything you need - private rooms, comfortable ambiance, unlimited perks to coffee and wifi, and a cafe. Increase your productivity level with their stress-free, fun, and cozy environment.

Discovery Coworking + Cafe
47 Esteban Abada St., Loyola Heights, QC

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