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When having a vacation to Boracay, one of the things that we all love to do is finding restaurants that serve good food aside from just pure relaxation. If you are a serious healthy eater, Nonie’s Boracay should be added to your must-visit establishment here as they into sustainable and homemade special dishes.

Located in Station X, Nonie’s is one of the popular restos on the island that serves delicious hearty meals without compromising the taste. All of their ingredients are locally sourced from different parts of Boracay to establish farm to table concept of creating recipes from scratch. They are also promoting no preservatives, vegan, and Keto-friendly dishes on their menu.

Nonie’s interior design matches the theme by using colors of nature to have a warm and cozy ambiance. I liked how they used basic design elements such as artificial plants, blackboard for the menu, and industrial lights to pull off the Earth-y theme.

When I visited them, I was so excited to try their healthy dishes so here are what we had:

Jackfruit Dip
This is a fresh dip made with jackfruit, coconut cream, and spices. The concept is to dip the freshly baked lavash into this. It was a surprisingly good and perfect way to start off the meals.

Tempeh Kare-kare
Instead of using pork as the main ingredient for this dish, they alternate the recipe by using tempeh or fermented soybeans. This dish might deceive you but everything that it has is perfect for vegans. The taste? It was like a legit Kare-kare minus the meat.

Sticky Pork Ribs
One of the best meals that I had here! I’d highly recommend ordering this one that the pork had a perfect smokey and flavorful taste up to its bone.

Nonie’s Bao Sliders
Nonie’s vegan patties, 72-hour crispy pork belly, and beef brisket

Nonie’s Egg’s Benedict
I love Egg’s Ben so when I visit a resto, this is one of the things that I usually order. Nonie’s version is served with a soft-boiled egg, lemongrass hollandaise sauce, sweet potato garlic focaccia, and sweet potato chips.

Aside from having fun in Boracay, you should also consider eating delicious and healthy dishes. Always remember that traveling also includes food trips and Nonie’s is ready to serve you with heartwarming and healthy meals you crave on.

Station X, G/F, Hue Hotel and Resorts, Manoc-Manoc, Boracay
Operating Hours: Mon to Sun (10am-10pm)

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