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Would you imagine a restaurant inside the hardware? The concept is good, considering that for a woman like me, I can get easily bored inside a construction shop. That's why I think Megawatt Pizza and Steaks' concept is created because we don’t have the patience to wait for our dad or husband to finish their shopping. So, there’s a reason for us to wait for them by eatiiiiing!

Megawatt is a concept restaurant inside BuildPlus which is a construction/hardware suppliers. They cater mostly families and are located in the area of Banawe, Quezon City where most of the establishments here are for man.

The restaurant’s main design is its hardware products ranging from different tools, lightings, electricals, and many more. Aside from this, they also supply restaurant needs like milk tea containers, samgyupsal materials, utensils, and the like. So basically, the overall interior is made up of the products which they usually sell to customers.

Now, let’s go back to their menu. Megawatt’s dishes are really impressive because of what they currently offer to customers. They have pizzas, burgers, steaks, keto diet meals, and even a secret menu. To give you an idea, here’s what we had:

Nacho-ordinary Nachos (P255)
Wanton chips with lotsa toppings! Actually, this one was surprisingly good and still crisp despite that it was exposed in the air for a long time.

Megawatt Chicken Poppers (P168)
Aside from the nacho, this one is also a good starter. The chicken skin can be coated with original, parmesan or buffalo flavor. Superrr loved this actually tasted good.

Keto Classic Big Angus Slider (P294)
For burger addict who wanted to undergo Keto diet. This burger is huge and I think can be shared.

2pcs. Megawatt House Fried Chicken with Extra Waffle (P334)
I super adored their fried chicken because of two things; it's tasty and crispy! I'd highly recommend this if you want a good old fried chicken with an extra waffle on the side for a nice contrast.

Crab Tomalley Over Shiratake Noodles (P358)
Another Keto dish in Megawatt. This dish is made up of creamy crab fat and Japanese noodles. Don't feel guilty because you won't definitely indulge with carbs on this.

Pepperoni Pizza (P312)
One pizza flavor that I like is pepperoni because of its simplicity and Megawatt's version was relatively salty but tasty which I liked.

Cheese..Cheese..Cheese..Cheese! (P335)
If you are a cheese lover, then this one is fer you! Made up of mozzarella, parmesan, gruyere & feta cheese topped with white sauce.

Tomahawk Pork Chops with Cilantro Rice (P498)
One of the food items that I was looking forward to trying here. This variety belongs to "Rub Your Own" where we chose our rub and meat. The meat of the tomahawk was tender and the juice was oozing in every bite. Definitely, a must order here!

Lick Iced Tea (P138-P158 each)
To cleanse of our palette, they also offered us Lick Iced Tea in different flavors. I liked the Peach on but also found the new variant of Island Mango quite interesting to taste because it's made up of best cultivated Philippine mangoes.

Hardware shops shouldn’t be boring. With Buildplus, you can actually kill time by eating good food at Megawatt. Overall, I still loved the experience here knowing that there’s a place where I could bring my husband or dad.
Megawatt Pizza and Steak
Operating Hours: Mon to Sun (11am-11pm)

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