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Whenever we crave for authentic Filipino dishes, we often think of heirloom recipes from our Lolo or Lola’s recipe. Nothing beats the original taste of our home, that’s why Casa Reyes Bistro Filipino proudly offers Filipino comfort food which is so close to our hearts.

Situated on the second floor of Promenade Mall in Greenhills, Casa Reyes is the extension of their original restaurant in Connecticut Arcade to give more space to their customers who want to have a reservation. This branch has a seating capacity of 70 people, so having a gathering here is quite possible to reserve.

The interior design of Casa Reyes is very nostalgic where displays are all traditionally Filipinos. Outside the restaurant, there’s a big calesa and sorbetes cart where they placed their gelato flavors, while inside, it’s quite interesting to see old photographs, utensils, and things that belong to the 80’s or 90’s era. I was also amazed at how did they get those old posters and comics printed and displayed on the walls. My childhood memories were so happy seeing those items that reminded me so much of my past.

The menu of Casa Reyes is truly Filipino dishes, inspired by different regions in the Philippines with modern twists to give more satisfaction to our palettes. During the event, they offered us different dishes for tasting but highly recommend the following:

Tinapa at Kesong Puti Lumpia with Mango Salsa
This one is mainly inspired by local dish in Pampanga which has tinapa and kesong puti as main ingredients. I liked the smoky taste of the tinapa on the first bite, not to mention the creaminess of the fresh kesong puti. The mango salsa also added a tangy but sweet twist.

Wagyu Mechado
The ‘sosyal na Mechado’ because they use wagyu beef instead of an ordinary one. The meat was tender and could be easily eaten while the taste of the mechado sauce was too chunky and rich. The best Mechado to date!

Bagnet and Laing Combo
Who wouldn’t adore this dish placed in a small version of pots? Honestly, they were too cute to eat. This dish is such a perfect combo; crispy bagnet together with spicy laing cooked in coconut milk.

Buttered Garlic Shrimps with Creamy Aligue Sauce
Shrimp lovers, rejoice! I loved the succulent shrimps drowned in the sinful aligue sauce. I wouldn’t say more, but this one is such an excellent dish.

Crispy Dinuguan
Diniguan is one of my fave Filipino dishes because I grew up tasting my mother’s recipe for this. Casa Reyes’ version was savory and had slices of crispy pork as the main ingredient gave a texture to every bite.

Lapu Lapu in Mango Sauce
The crispy Lapu Lapu covered with tangy and sweet mango sauce which I couldn’t say no. The fish was also cooked crispy to match the sauce.

Lechon Sisig
Not a usual sisig because they used lechon as the meat. This is a must try if you both are into sisig and lechon.

Salted Egg Bibingka Cheesecake
I was confused with the twist of bibingka and cheesecake but one thing’s for sure, this tasted so much good. I liked the fluffiness and moist of this, not to mention the saltiness of salted egg that created a harmonious balance of everything.

Tablea Shake
I liked the pure and rich taste of the tablea chocolate without the bitter after taste. This drink is a must-try here!

Even though there are new restaurants popping in today that came from different countries, we still come back to our own original Filipino flavors. Casa Reyes Bistro Filipino is here to serve dishes that warm our hearts and surely bring a lot more memories of home.

Casa Reyes Bistro Filipino
Upper Level, Promenade Mall, Greenhills, San Juan
Operating Hours: Mon to Thurs (11am-10pm) | Fri (11am-11pm) | Sat (10am-11pm) | Sun (10am-10pm)

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