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The Original Sa Lido Restaurant is quite popular to many as they serve authentic Chinese dishes. I actually visited the original branch in Binondo way back years ago, but somehow forgot their menu. That’s why I was eager to try this branch in Banawe to check out their wide variety of food choices.

Just so you know, there are other restaurants that have the same name as them, so Sa Lido is claiming their originality by telling us that they were the first one who established the business, thus original.

As a typical Chinese restaurant, their interior design is not extravagant but just a simple set-up with something red on their table covers. The restaurant looked old and some kinda dirty when I had the visit. The restroom needs improvement as they didn’t have water nor tissue inside, as well as their faucet was broken. It kinda turned me off but hoping they would work on this.

Now, let’s go to the food. Their dishes may not be ‘gram-worthy but taste-wise, they are so good.

Spinach Seafood Soup (P100 cup | P195 Small | P430 Large)
We started off our lunch with a warm bowl of their soup. This one looked like slime at first sight because of the spinach mixed with egg, tofu, and shrimp. The taste, for me, was a little bland which is good for an appetizer.

Chorizo Fried Rice (P215 Small | P480 Large)
Fried rice is simply a rice dish with flavors. For this, it had an oriental taste because of the chorizo bits topped with vegetables and egg.

3 Cups Chicken (P310 Small | P620 Large)
I’m an adobo fan and this dish almost had a similar taste. My foodie friends liked this though but I had a quite weird taste for this. I think it was cooked with more Chinese flavorings.

Sate Chami (P198 Small | P480 Large)
Thick noodles hugged with a savory sauce. Sate chami is a good alternative if you are skipping the rice. This dish is a must-try here.

Asado (P270 Small | P1,080 Large)
This one belongs to Sa Lido’s best seller. I was expecting a reddish one which I used to taste from other Chinese restos. The sweet and sour pork complimented with the pork’s tasty flavor.

Kingdao Spareribs (P195 Small | P440 Large)
A sweet dish but not my type. I also had a hard time biting the meat because of the bone, not to mention that it was also chewy.

Mango Sago (P80)
To cleanse off our palette, we ended our meals with mango sago - a mandatory Chinese dessert. Not really a fan, but the taste was okay for me.

Chinese cooking greatly influenced our taste that it became one of the flavors we are loving for centuries. Sa Lido has a great contribution to our hearts by serving their authentic dishes to many.

Sa Lido
101 N.S Amoranto Corner Speaker Perez Street, Santa Mesa Heights, Banawe, Quezon City
Operating Hours: Mon to Sun (9am-10pm)

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