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The invasion of Korean food in the country is very massive especially that samgyupsal places are mostly everywhere, wherever we go. It is a known fact that we love eating anything unlimited so these K-BBQs are truly considered as well-loved dishes. To give us new flavors, Fantastic Chef is here to entice us with their menu.

Located in Leon Guinto St. in Manila, Fantastic Chef is quite popular to students since the area is within the vicinity of three popular universities. I came to visit this restaurant with my foodie friends on a weekend to try their unlimited offerings.

For only P499, a paying customer is entitled to avail 10 kinds of unlimited meat, whether it’s plain or marinated. The options are Skirt Meat, Rack, Jowls Meat, Seasoned Pork Neck, Pork Belly, Thin Pork Belly, Cheek, Spicy Pork Bulgogi, Seasoned Chicken BBQ, and Spicy Chicken BBQ. Also, for an additional of P50, a diner can also get unlimited beef which is Beef Plate and Seasoned Beef Plate flavor.

I tried everything of the meat options but personally loved the plain ones. Those thin strips of meat were very flavorful especially if seasoned with salt and pepper. I just don’t prefer the thick cut as it was so slow to cook and a little bit chewy. For the marinated ones, they were okay too, if you are into flavored meats. I found them “sulit” because pork and beef are premium as well as they are cut with perfection.

Fantastic Chef’s banchan or side dishes have too many options like steamed egg, soup, rice, lettuce, kimchi, fish cake, and japjae. All of these are unlimited also. But what I liked to commend was their unli cheese! Unlike other samgyupsal places, Fantastic Chef’s version was way better and perfect with grilled meats.

The staff was nice and attentive during the time of our visit. I suggest you come in before lunchtime to avoid too many diners. Some of my friends who came later than lunchtime was not assisted immediately.

Just so you know, Fantastic Chef has an on-going promo of 3+1 for every paying customer. Just pay for three persons and one will automatically be FREE. As per terms, the dining customers should be 4 people per table and no latecomers.

Do you think I would recommend Fantastic Chef? Yes! This restaurant is indeed value for money. Some of the samgyupsal places might have a time limit, but here, you can stay all you and eat all you want. They want you to feel the satisfaction of the true KBBQ experience.

Fantastic Chef
2472 Leon Guinto Street, Taft Avenue, Manila
Operating Hours: Mon to Sun (11am-11pm)

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