3 Ways to Enjoy Talia’s Kitchen Homemade Spinach

Who wouldn’t love Spinach dip? It’s easy to prepare, healthy, and appetizing. And the best thing about this is it goes with almost everything like bread, crackers, chips, and even pasta.

So just recently, I received a Spinach dip goodie from Talia’s Kitchen on Instagram. To those who are not familiar, Talia’s Kitchen is a home-based maker of Spinach dips and other ready to eat/cook products. Their products are freshly made to ensure the quality before they proceed to the delivery.

About Talia’s Spinach Dip
What I loved about their dip is that they produce it with no preservatives, no extenders, and no sugar, so basically, it’s really a healthy treat! The ingredients are simple; spinach, cream, cheeses, and some spices. I really liked how they made it very creamy while the consistency is so thick yet flavory. For the taste, it’s garlicky and rich in every bite! Just take note that it is best to consume in 4-5 days and always keep it refrigerated.

3 Ways to Enjoy Talia’s Kitchen Homemade Spinach

1. As a dip for chips
Make chips as exciting as ever with spinach dip. So, I bought one from grocery and paired them together. This one is perfect during parties or even when watching movies.

2. As a spread for bread
Bagel or any type of bread can be paired with this Talia’s spinach dip. The bland taste of the bread matches the cheesy and creamy flavor of the dip.

3. As a sauce for pasta
If you want to exert a little effort, you can also try to mix this with pasta. Since I wanted to cook something for dinner, I tried to create Tinapa and Spinach Pasta! The procedure is very easy like you can cook for about more or less 30 minutes.

• Boil the pasta as usual. Best if al dente.
• While waiting, prepare the ingredients: garlic and tinapa.
• First, in hot oil, saute the garlic until golden brown and add the tinapa.
• Then, add the whole bottle of spinach dip and mix it with the ingredients in the pan.
• Remove the fire and mix sauce with the cooked pasta.

See, it’s very easy! You can also add parmesan cheese for added flavors.

I think sky’s the limit of what to be paired with this yummy Talia’s spinach dip. You can actually check Mr. Google if you want to explore more options.

If you want to have this bottle of goodness, you may order by sending a DM on their Instagram account: www.instagram.com/talias_kitchen or through https://meals.ph/talias-kitchen/. Delivery days are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Small: P200.00
Big: P395.00

Talia's Kitchen
Pioneer Highlands Building, Madison Street, Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City
Facebook: www.facebook.com/taliaspinachdip/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/talias_kitchen

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