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Lenten is the season when we abstain our cravings for meat and poultry. It’s a yearly practice because the majority of the people in the country are Catholics. And as a believer, we lessen or refrain from eating meat and opt to choose veggies and seafood as the options.

In line with this, some of the restaurants are introducing dishes that would be available during Lenten season that would still satisfy our cravings to delicious meals. Ramen Daisho is one of those restaurants that offer their version of dishes especially this season of penance.

Ramen Daisho started out in December 2013 here in the country by Mr. Katsuyuki Nakata of Daisho Global Inc. It is the withholding company that works on the franchise matter of Ukokkei Ramen in terms of guidance in cooking, materials, techniques, and supply of goods located in Fukuoka, Japan. Now, they are serving yummy Japanese dishes in which the ingredients are freshly delivered straight from Japan to ensure the quality of the food that they are serving. 

For this Lenten, they are introducing three new dishes for all the Japanese food lovers out there:

Seafood Tempuramen (P399)
If you’re a fan of seafood, then this ramen is for you. The ingredients are ramen noodles in seafood broth topped with tempura, squid, clam, and nori on the side. For me, it had a very rich broth taste since I’m a seafood lover, and the toppings really made me full.

Mixed Tempura Bento (P305)
A Japanese-style packed meal with ebi tempura, kani tempura, potato salad, Rice, and almond jelly for the dessert. I liked how the tempuras looked promising the way they served it.

Seafood Curry Bento (P305)
For the love of curry, you might want to try this dish which is mainly seafood. It also comes with mixed veggie salad, rice, and almond jelly. The curry in seafood was rich in flavor, plus the mixed veggie was also good that I could eat them alone.

Aside from the Lenten Special, you might be curious about what Ramen Daisho also has to offer. You can check out they Gyoza, California Maki, and Miso or Tonkatsu Ramen as they are my personal recommendations. 

Lenten is the season to eat something healthy because we abstain ourselves on meat and poultry consumption. But it doesn't mean that our food should be boring. In Ramen Daisho, though they have limited selections, you'll still enjoy every dish that they serve. 

Ramen Daisho
Unit 2, Sunshine Square, Liberty Center, 312 Shaw Boulevard, Pleasant Hills, Mandaluyong City
Opening Hours: 10:00am to 10:00pm

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