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Filipino food is inseparable with our culture. Though we all love exploring foreign dishes, we know that Filipino tastes have always a special spot in our heart. That is why whenever there’s an occasion or just a simple family gathering, having Filipino dishes are required to our table. Let’s just say, Filipino cuisines are the taste of home.

In the neighborhood of Quezon City, I found this restaurant where the main inspiration is to bring familiar Kapampangan dishes with a twist to every family or friends. Located in the newest hanging spot called Calle Bistro, Ima Kitchen serves delightful and familiar dishes to our palate.

Ima Kitchen started out in food parks and one location in UST, but eventually got interested to put up a much bigger space in QC. Ima means “mother” in Kapampangan and the restaurant owner/chef Carlo Yalung was inspired to get this name for his restaurant dedicated to his late grandmother. 

We had a feast as we tried some of the best sellers. On the menu, they currently listed almost 50 dishes and soon, will endorse new satisfying cuisines to everyone. Excited as we were, we tried the following:

My favorite among all the dishes that they served! Kansi is a popular Ilonggo dish usually served with soup but Ima Kitchen’s version is in a sizzling plate. I liked how the taste was retained in the tender pieces of beef - savory and satisfying to every bite. 

To experience Kapampangan food, Sisig is a must! Chef Carlo Yalung learned the technique of preparing this dish in Pampanga himself and just added some twist like mixing up chicharon, egg, or mayonnaise to have a nice textured taste.


Ima Kitchen put a twist on this as their version of Tortang Talong has the ingredients of Ensalada like salted egg, onions, and tomatoes. It’s very unusual because we used to eat this in the form of an omelet, pan-fried with egg mixture. Chef Carlo Yalung thought that combining the ingredients of ensalada and tortang talong would be a nice idea to serve in a restaurant.


Filipinos love street food! No doubt because we can’t control our cravings whenever we encounter street vendor selling isaw or betamax. As part of their menu, they serve street food platter which has pork bbq, chicken isaw, betamax, liver, and walkman. 


Nothing beats the classic! The combination of ingredients like Ube and Pakwan is something that we should try to our beloved sinigang. Chef Yalung got the idea to mix these two to create a different fusion of flavors. Every one of us liked the taste of the soup - tangy and sweet, not to mention the tenderness of the beef.


One of the popular food in their branch in UST that’s why they included this on their menu, as well. It has the crunchy taste outside but sweet inside. 


This dessert is originally part of the Christmas menu because of the ube bibingka and got the twist with a cinnamon roll. It’s something new to me since I tasted them separately. Their combination was perfect, especially because it also has salted egg and latik on top which created a nice salty taste to balance the sweetness of the cinnamon and bibingka.


To quench our thirst, we tried their drinks such as Royal Float, Mangga, Suha, & Sago Shake, Ginumis, and Black Gulaman and Sago. 

The design of Ima Kitchen’s restaurant is very modern yet homey. I liked how the vibe here creates a comfortable feeling, especially when eating your favorite meals. The maximum seating capacity is up to 100 persons for the first and second floors.

Ima Kitchen is the venue for home cooked meals. Typical Filipino dishes are still our first love, but having them combined all together gives us the excitement to our taste. This branch is the perfect in the neighborhood of Quezon City as the area is surrounded by subdivisions and houses away from the central business district.

Ima Kitchen
Calle Bistro, Ground Floor, Ever Gotesco Mall, Commonwealth Avenue, Old Balara, QC
Opening Hours: 8:00am to 11:00pm

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