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Food parks may have been struggling nowadays as some of them already closed down but still, business owners try to fight the scene by introducing concepts that people might still prefer to visit. So, let me take you around to the relatively new food park - the 8 Seas Food Park Adventure.

Located in Timog Ave., near GMA Kamuning, this food park just opened in November 2018. The main concept of 8 Seas Food Park Adventure is a nautical theme with a big sailboat as the main attraction at the center, roof made of psychedelic lights, and everything that’s Instagram-worthy.

So, ay matey! As the captain of this blog, let me tour you around 8 Seas Food Park Adventure for some of the gastronomic experience.

If you are craving for Japanese sushi, Bermy Sushi Shack is the answer. They have interesting flavors that will make you drool over. You can have their Overproof Nigiri (P195) that is torch-pressed sushi that literally melts in my mouth and the Spiced Crunchy Tuna Roll (P240) which is made up of salmon, tuna, crispy crabsticks, tempura fritters, scallions, mango bits with Japanese chipotle. Another recommended dish is the Floki Roll (P295) which is composed of salmon, cucumber, peppered tuna, seaweed salad, tempura flakes, wasabi truffle sauce. 

If you are eating in a group or literally have a big appetite, you can have their sushi shack platters: Regular Shack Platter with 28pcs. (P599), Overproof Platter with 40pcs. (P1,099), Basic Beaches Platter with 32pcs. (P649), and Shack Supreme with 56pcs. (P1,449). I find this very sulit for party potlucks!

Ribs and bbq have been my favorite food next to seafood. Monapao’s version is grilled for the smoky taste and paired up with their homemade sauce. Be sure to try one of these dishes: The Roast Beef (P188), T-bone (P180), or Ribs (P180) and you will definitely drool over them. 

A place to fulfill your pulutan cravings. Buchataki is the combination of the owner’s name which is “Butch” and “ataki” which means stroke in the Filipino language. It may seem weird but I think it works for the name of the business. You can check out their Lechon Sisig (P300) which is literally best for pulutan with a cold beer on the side. Their Sausage Beer Brats (P250) which is chewy chopped sausage sauteed in flavors is also a must-try!

I already tried Soogba on their branch in Holy Spirit because I got curious when people started raving about this restaurant. I love Ilonggo food as they are one of the best-tasting dishes in the country. If you are a fan of chicken inasal, you’ll definitely love the authentic flavor of their Pecho Pakpak (P160) that is best paired with the garlic rice and chicken oil. Not a fan of chicken? Perhaps, you can try the Spareribs (P180).

Pizza..pasta..all in Cucina di Paulina. The Italian food cravings for your tummy are now available in 8 Seas Food Adventure. The business was supposed to sell Sushi Burgers and Donburi but the concept was already taken, so Chef Bombay Suarez got the idea to go for Italian cuisine which he is also passionate about. Started out in a simple menu on their soft opening, now they have 64 items to choose from. Must-try dishes: Truffled Pesto Margherita Pizza (P350), Italian Sausage Pizza (P350), and Laing & Lechon Kawali Pasta (P185).

Chickapig is obviously the combination of chicken and pig on their menu. Their dishes could be paired up with rice, nachos, or fries with a reasonable price range. The Crispy Bagnet (P155) and Crispy Sisig Bagnet (P135) are best paired with rice at any time of the day. While the Garlic Parmesan Wings (P145) and BBQ Karaage (P110) are also good too, especially as pulutan!

The place offers different burger choices and steaks. Skip your diet just to try the Ribeye Steak with Brown Pepper Sauce (P190) that comes with rice. They are also offering the Smash Burger (P160) if you are into a lighter meal.

Super sulit eat among all the restaurants in 8 Seas Adventure Food because they are offering unlimited Korean bbq for an affordable price. This restaurant was my fave among all because I enjoyed what we had here. For the price, unli pork is P299 per head while unli pork, chicken, and beef are P399! The choices for unlimited Korean BBQ are Pork - Dae-Pae, Bulgogi, Pinoy Style | Chicken - Chicken Galbi, Bulgogi | Beef - Beef Samgyeop, Bulgogi, Pinoy Style. Aside from these, they also offer unlimited rice, side dishes, drinks, soup, and melted cheese. Imagine paying less but the serving isn't compromised. 

The stall that offers refreshments such as milk tea, juice, iced tea, and frappes. You can check out their line of drinks which are freshly prepared. I tried the 1L milk tea and it was good for sharing (or not). Another interesting drink to try is the Shark Attack (P110) which is black iced tea with blue and red colors to make it look like a real shark encounter.

It was a fun-filled night as our adventure in 8 Seas Food Adventure ended with a good laugh and happy tummy. Thanks to Chef Jocen of the Boodle Bear for the invite and 8 Seas Food Adventure for accommodating as. Till we meet again!

8 Seas Food Park Adventure
122 Timog Avenue, Sacred Heart, QC
Facebook: facebook.com/8seasfoodpark/
Instagram: instagram.com/8seasfoodparkadventure

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