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I can still recall the days when Maginhawa started to create a buzz in the food scene. Since then, many restaurants bloomed like mushrooms in every corner of the street, offering different food choices to every goer. Today, Maginhawa is one of the top destinations in the Metro that’s already been established as a food haven.

If you’ve been constantly checking on the newest food trend in SocMed, you will notice that Black Scoop Cafe is pretty hyping up because of their latest offerings. I know many 90s’ kids could relate because it was our era when White Rabbit was just candy and Yakult was just a drink.

Alongside with my foodie friends, we went to Black Scoop Cafe on a Sunday night to try their famous offerings. The place was jampacked with people, not to mention that we lined up for less than an hour just to get our order. Though the crowd was intense, it’s good to know that the cafe is quite spacious that can accommodate many customers. They also designed their establishment for people who want to study, work, or just plainly hang out during their free time. It’s just that, since Black Scoop Cafe has been trending lately, it might be difficult to concentrate with your study or work because of customers getting in and out.

Black Scoop Cafe offers coffee-based drinks, snacks, cakes, and all-day breakfast but we opted to try their well-known products such as the soft-served ice creams and milk teas. Here’s what we had:

White Rabbit Flavored Soft Serve Ice Cream (P120)
Our childhood wouldn’t be complete without this famous candy with an edible paper wrapper that we all loved to eat. Black Scoop Cafe is the mastermind behind this candy-turned-into-an-ice-cream to bring back the flavor that our inner child will definitely love. The taste of this soft-serve ice cream was like sweet vanilla in which I was hoping it would be more of a buttery taste. I just had a big expectation that this ice cream would bring a more classic taste than the usual milky flavor.

Yakult Flavored Soft Serve Ice Cream (P120)
Yakult is another drink that we all love since our younger days. And we all have this dream that one day, they would sell a liter of this! But fate turned out differently when Black Scoop Cafe made Yakult as an ice cream version. Surprisingly, we all loved this! The taste was sweet and a little sour (like yogurt) but I do hope that they would make it a little more tangy like the real Yakult. Overall, it was an amazing creation.

White Rabbit Flavored Soft Serve Ice Cream with Bison Pearls (P140)
We were supposed to get the milk tea flavor but it wasn’t available during the time of our visit so we just got another White Rabbit Flavor but with pearls. I loved how the boba was so chewy the way I wanted it. Definitely, it went together well with the ice cream.

Hokkaido Milk Tea (P130)
Of course, we didn’t leave Black Scoof Cafe without trying out their milk tea. We got this flavor with black tea as based. Just like other milk tea brands out there, taste was sweet and creamy.

Brown Sugar Latte with Cream Cheese (P130)
Cream cheese on milk tea? Yes, please! You wouldn’t go wrong with this flavor as this has the sweetness of brown sugar latte and creaminess of cream cheese. It was satisfying as a milk tea enthusiast. 

White Chocolate Sansrival Slice 
Aside from the drinks, this cafe also offers a wide variety of cake selections. One of our friends ordered this one. I loved Sans Rival and I consider this as my favorite cake among all. The taste was just right, sweet, creamy, and nutty.

If you are drooling over what Black Scoop Cafe offers, then you need to visit them soon. I promise to be back and try their other dishes and hopefully, I could try the milk tea ice cream and the mascarpone flavors. And of course, with my foodie friends again!

Black Scoop Cafe
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Opening Hours: 10:00am to 11:00pm

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