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Going to different places can sometimes be too expensive. Fret not, because traveling to Passenger Seat won't break your pocket. This theme restaurant can be found in one of the prime locations in Marikina, the Riverbanks.

So, get your Instagram ready because this restaurant will take you to places!

The main concept of Passenger Seat will tour you not just around the Philippines but as well, around the globe. The design of the interior is an airplane-theme; from chairs to windows, up to the signages, and even their menu which looks like a big passport.

This restaurant is a brainchild of Mariae Franco Habijan, who once dreamt of being a flight attendant in her life. She wanted to fulfill her dreams and turned it into a theme restaurant where she could portray all of the concepts of traveling. I just couldn’t help but love everything I saw inside because I also loves to go to different places just like her.

Originally, the restaurant could be found in Aquilina St., in Marikina and last December 2018, they transferred to Riverbanks because the location has more potential to a lot of customers in terms of accessibility.

When it comes to food, Passenger Seat has a lot of options to choose from. Since their main theme is traveling, the name of their menu came from different places around the Philippines like Tagaytay, Pampanga, Bacolod, etc. and also international destinations like New York, Mexico, Japan, and so on. 

If you are in a group or just have a large appetite, you can simply order their Boodle Flights. You can choose from meat, seafood, or mixed of these dishes.

Palawan (All Seafood)

Daing the bangus, grilled stuffed squid, buttered shrimps, red egg, okra, eggplant, ensalada, rice, and a pitcher of iced tea

Manila (All Meat)

Chicken inasal, grilled liempo, lechon kawali, red egg, okra, eggplant, ensalada, rice, and a pitcher of iced tea

Pilipinas (Mixed Seafood and Meat)

Chicken inasal, grilled liempo, lechon kawali, daing the bangus, grilled stuffed squid, buttered shrimps, red eggs, okra, eggplant, ensalada, rice, and a pitcher of iced tea


Mexico City

Homemade salsa, homemade beef, homemade sauce with tomatoes, onions, and torched cheese


Cheesy Beef with Fries


Homemade quarter pounder patty in special seasoning with three cheese(torched, square, and special) tomato, lettuce, and cucumber

Chicken Wings

 Crispy chicken wings marinated in homemade teriyaki sauce

New York

Crispy chicken wings marinated in homemade buffalo sauce


Pasta in homemade salsa red sauce with shrimp and squid in special seasoning


Creamy white sauce pasta with bacon, mushroom, and ham in special seasoning


Pasta in olive oil sauteed with sliced, minced, and pressed garlic, red chili flakes, mushroom, bell pepper, and shrimp


Sizzling brownies


With my experience in Passenger Seat, traveling is very much easy with their affordable and satisfying meals. Almost all of the dishes that I tried were very delish especially the bulalo, their pasta in olive oil, and the all seafood boodle meal. These are my personal recommendation if you are planning to travel to Passenger Seat soon. 

So sit back, relax, and enjoy this unique theme-restaurant that will bring you everywhere you wanted. Thank you Passenger Seat for extending your invite to us. 

Passenger Seat
Riverbanks Ave, Marikina
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