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Being a milk tea lover, I’m always curious whenever there’s a new place hyping up, like the latest Tiger Sugar branch in Eastwood Mall. Northern peeps no longer need to flock to Bonifacio Global City just to fall in line and taste the famous “tiger stripes” milk tea.

We all know that Tiger Sugar came all the way from Taipei, Taiwan which I might consider one of the milk tea heavens because of their famous milk tea brands. So when I had the chance to visit Eastwood Mall, I made sure to drop by here to try if Tiger Sugar is really worth the hype.

On my first visit last February 16, 2019, I waited for almost an hour. I think it was tolerable since I was expecting like more than one or so. On my second visit last February 25, 2019, I was surprised because I just waited for about 15 minutes like it was a dream. I think I was just lucky.

What I ordered?
On the events that I visited Tiger Sugar, I ordered the same flavor: Brown Sugar Boba + Pearl with Cream Mousse. This is the usual flavor whenever it’s your first time here like the staff always suggests.

At first sip, it was good in a way that I felt the creaminess and right amount of sweetness. The caramel stripes tasted like “arnibal in taho” but I think, it compliments well with the milk tea. The combination of Boba (big pearls) and pearl (small pearls) were jiving to one another as they were chewy and soft! I just couldn’t resist.

Is it really worth it?
It’s a YES, for me! Conquering long lines are no longer new to us so you might want to be brave again and try the hype of Tiger Sugar. Just a little reminder that line depends on the time of visit. I've been here twice at night. 

By the way, here's the menu:

Tiger Sugar Philippines
Bonifacio Global City | Eastwood Mall
Tiger Sugar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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