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Filipino dishes are one of the most distinctive yet delicious food we always have during celebrations or any family gatherings. The Filipino tastes bring back a lot of good memories because we always feel the comfort of eating with the same taste over and over again. But of course, we also loved the idea of giving that traditional food a good twist to make it more flavorful and exciting.

Ombu Kusina, is one of the traditional restaurants that serve Filipino comfort food with a modern twist to the usual taste. Located in Sequioa Hotel in Timog QC, this restaurant is not under my radar not until I got an invite from one of my foodie friends. Little didn't I know that Ombu Kusina is serving satisfying meals for five years already, to family and friends who are staying in the hotel, celebrating special occasions, or just simply love eating.

During the launch we had the following:


Pork sisig in a delicious pizza, topped with egg, perfect with a garlic sauce drizzle

This fusion of Italian x Kapampangan dish is simply one of my top choices during the event. I liked how every ingredient worked so well especially that the sisig was way too flavorful. Our taste buds were so happy when we added the garlic sauce that made the dish a lot creamier.


Spaghettini tossed in a golden sauce of salted egg yolks, sprinkled with tomatoes, cucumber & salted egg whites

Salted egg flavored dish is not yet over! Here in Ombu Kusina, they have this flavor for their pasta. What makes them distinctive to other restaurants that offer the same dish, is that they use fresh salted egg and not the usual powdered one. By this, it simply makes the flavor more enhanced. For me, I liked it because it wasn't too salty like what I was expecting. Maybe, a lot creamier would add a little more exciting if they create another version.


Heavenly mixed of shrimp, crab meat, onion, and lemongrass wrapped in taro leaves and slowly cooked in light coconut milk

I was so wrong to think that this dish was like sushi because the gabi leaves looked a lot like nori sheets. But, of course, this is seafood laing wrapped in gabi leaves with coconut sauce. At first, it didn't have the strong laing smell but when I tasted it, the creaminess of coconut plus the gabi were got really good.


Fresh eggplant with crispy fried pork belly mixed together with shrimp paste sauce

Bagoong is the highlight of this dish because they wanted to establish its taste next to the eggplant. I noticed that they used thick consistency for the bagoong which is something new to me. The bagoong and eggplant were best paired with the crispy pork on top!


Lightly flavored fried rice topped with crispy anchovies

I loved this dish because it's very traditional to Filipino homes. The dilis were also crispy and not that salty. This is so good with the Laing and the Adobochon.

During the event, they also introduced two newest dishes in their menu:


Roasted pork belly marinated in soy sauce, local vinegar and garlic in classic Filipino adobo flavors, served with adobo gravy

This is their take on the usual lechon. The twist? It is best paired with Adobo Sauce. I noticed that the sauce was also thickly made, in which according to their Chef, was "to enhance the flavor of adobo".


Who wouldn't love an exhibition before eating? The chicken was put in fire right in front of us then they added the sauce. The result was an oozing aroma smell of the roasted chicken. The meat was also tender and flavorful.

The ambiance of Ombu Kusina exudes a comforting vibe. The overlooking glass window creates a nice view of the outside. I just love the natural lights coming in during daylight. I guess, at night, a date would also be perfect to spend here.

Thank you Ombu Kusina for hosting the event. I will definitely be back to bring my family and friends here if I'm craving for modern Filipino meals with a twist. 

We Love To Eat PH Community
Ombu Kusina
G/F Sequoia Hotel, 91 Mother Ignacia Ave., South Triangle, Quezon City, Metro Manila

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