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Kureji is one of the restaurants that I've been curious about ever since they opened their first branch in Vertis North. My cravings for Japanese food is never-ending, as this is my top favorite among Asian cuisines. And while I learned about their newest resto in Malakas St. that serves reinvented food on their menu, I've got a little bit more excited.

Kureji means 'crazy' in Japanese. The restaurant provides a brand new ramen experience. Thus, Kureji brings out the crazy ramen experience. Just so you know, their ramen is far different from the usual because they serve Sizzling Ramen! It's basically a ramen with a modern twist, scorchingly hot, but still oozing with flavors.


Salmon, squid, shrimp, kani, kimuchi, and noodles in signature spicy tomato seafood tori paitan broth, served in a hot sizzling bowl.

This one was surprisingly good. It was sweet with a kicked of tangy taste of tomato. Be careful because it was indeed hot. If you love spicy food, you definitely try this.


Sizzling noodles in carbonara cream sauce, topped with egg, mushrooms, and bacon bits.

It was creamy and something new to my taste. I liked how they reinvented my favorite carbonara with sizzle! I could consume the entire serving.


Fresh tuna served with nori tempura and salsa.

For an appetizer, this one was really good. First, you put the fresh tuna in nori tempura and have it with dip. Ang sarap lang coz nori was crispy and the tuna was super fresh.


Deep fried prawn, kisu, soft shell crab, and veggies, served with special tempura sauce.

If you're tired of the usual shrimp tempura, you can get this mix for a change. We super loved the crispiness of the batter coating on everything.


Pan-seared salmon in special wasabi cream served in a hot sizzling bowl.

Expect a not too spicy salmon dish but rather a creamy one. I liked it also as the salmon was so generously served.


Japanese rice cooked in kamameshi stock with pumpkin and mushrooms.

Surprisingly good because I'm not really a pumpkin person. It's my first time to try a dish like this. I prefer this over the Coconut Shrimp Kamameshi.


Japanese rice cooked in kamameshi stock with coconut sauce, shrimp, and crab fat.

Another rice dish. It's creamy because of the coconut sauce. I found the taste a bit bland.

As for Kureji's interior design, it is an old renovated 60's house. Everything you can see here is the original design and interior except that some parts are redeveloped to create a modern look. The design is mixed of Scandinavian and Modern Japanese that made an interesting feel. 

They also have a business room that can accommodate by 12 persons, function room for 30-40pax and all rates are consumable.

Business Room

Function Room

Af fresco area at the back of the restaurant

We all love to eat! And trying out new food that is something new to us would be an adventure. Kureji is something that excites us, it's crazy indeed. Thank you Zomato PH for the invite, and Kureji for the amazing and crazy food experience.

Malakas St., QC | Vertis North | Rockwell Business Center, Pasig
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