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Underrated restaurants are always the best when it comes to giving off satisfying meals. Here in Manila, there are tons of places which are still unknown to many and are waiting to be discovered. Just recently, I have learned from one of my foodie friends a place that is not just cozy but also serves a delicious fusion of Japanese and Latin American food.

Located near Mother Ignacia and Roces Avenue, Nanka Japanese Latin Restaurant belongs to those underrated places that offer surprisingly delicious meals. This place could be your go-to-restaurant whether you want to spend an intimate date, chilling out with friends, or just celebrating an occasion with your loved ones. 

Upon entering, I easily noticed how big the place is. The interior design is surprisingly posh yet very laid-back. I loved all the small details displayed in the reception area, as well as, the turn-table that caught everyone's attention. Being pretty on its interior, I just learned that the owner of Nanka is an architect and he greatly has an eye for details.

I already told a million times that my love for Japanese food is never-ending. It's like my favorite Asian dish next to Filipino because I like how they freshly prepared everything, not to mention, how simple yet flavorful the dishes are. Apparently, when it comes to Latin American food, I'm not really familiar with it. Of course, being a certified foodie, I'm always ready to try out something new for the sake of experience and to have something new to explore.

Nanka has a lot of food items to choose from. I asked my foodie friend to recommend what she thought was good so we could also give it a try. We had the following:


At first, I thought that this dish was something that I wouldn't like because of the boring name. Surprisingly, it turned out to be one of my faves as it created a nice taste of crispy eggplant and creamy Kani salad. 


Crispy eggplant topped with creamy kani salad

The freshness of salmon with smoky taste was so good to my palate. I liked how this one was so good that I could consume the entire serving.


Crispy tofu with teriyaki sauce and grated ginger scallions and garlic chips

It was crisp on the outside but soft in the inside. I liked it so much because it blended well with the teriyaki sauce and grated ginger. 


Shiitake, shimeji and king oyster mushrooms sauteed in garlic, butter, and soy sauce

If you are into mushrooms, you must try this dish. The serving of mushrooms were generous than the pasta itself. I didn't complain though. Overall, this dish is something to try if you are tired of eating the usual carbonara or spaghetti.


Beef tenderloin skewers with special yakitori

Surprisingly, the beef was too tender that on my first bite, it blended easily with its flavor. This dish was so good on its own but of course, it would be best with rice. 


Creamy white chocolate custard with white miso and butter cookie

This dessert deserves its own spotlight! Another must-try here as it has this creamy, light, and sweet taste, perfect if you are having a rough day. The taste of custard together with the miso and butter cookie created a sweet fusion of flavors inside my mouth. Ugh, super sarap promise!

Exploring new dishes might be scary at first but once you got the chance to try these out, you'll be surprised how the taste could change your preference. I must admit that having these Japanese Peruvian cuisines made me want to taste more of this type of cooking. Nanka is definitely your restaurant that will surely bring a different taste to your palate, a whole new experience, and satisfying tummy after tasting their delectable food items.

With my foodie friends Marj and Jen
1810 Mother Ignacia Corner Roces Avenue, Paligsahan, QC
Facebook: facebook.com/NankaPH/
Instagram: instagram.com/nanka_ph

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